Xanthomax is a supplement that completes the smart coffee DOSE Duo. If you are a Smart Coffee fan you know all the amazing benefits you’ll get from the nootropics in smart coffee. And when you add Xanthomax, you put those side effects on overdrive. Check out the information below for any questions you have about this powerful supplement.

What is Xanthomax?

XanthoMax is a xanthohumol-based nutraceutical and is a super-nutrient antioxidant found in the hops flower.

To put in simple English, Xanthomax is a supplement that will power-up the memory enhancement and weight management benefits of smart coffee. All you have to do is a pick a functional beverage (Smart coffee, Nitro, Choclevate, or Zest) and take the supplement along with the drink. Learn more about the powerful DOSE combo here. 

Xanthohumol is made from the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer. However, you would have to drink a lot of beer, around 2,000 liters, to get enough Xanthohumol to make much difference. That’s why you will find that it’s the main ingredient in XanthoMax.

Xanthomax helps with so much more than you ever thought possible. This supplement will allow you the following benefits:

  • Helps reinforce healthy metabolic activity
  • Enhances the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins
  • Eliminates free radicals and sources of oxidative stress
  • Protects against viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the long-term risk of serious health problems
  • Helps fight poor sleep and insomnia
  • Accelerates weight loss and helps keep weight off
  • Improve skin tone and color
  • Helps maintain healthy eye cornea and retina
  • Acts as a non-thermogenic energy enhancer.

What are Flavonoids?

Like many dietary antioxidants, Xanthohumol is a flavonoid. I had to do a little research to figure our exactly what this means.

What I learned is that in addition to other benefits, flavonoids scavenge and neutralize free radicals. Everything we do creates oxidative stress and metabolic waste. Exercise, digestion and even breathing cause the release of free radicals.

Antioxidants help us keep these free radicals in check so that we are not overwhelmed by what many scientists believe to be the underlying cause of aging. Xanthohumol is one of the most promising natural antioxidant flavonoids.

For example – a little more inside information on xanthohumol,

“These biological activities suggest that prenylflavonoids from hops have the potential for application in cancer prevention programs and in prevention or treatment of (post-)menopausal ‘hot flashes’ and osteoporosis.”


There are numerous studies on Xanthohumol that have come out in peer-reviewed journals in recent years resulting in many patents regarding its use and composition. The most important research shows that Xanthohumol is up to 200 times more powerful than resveratrol.

Xanthomax Side Effects

The evidence suggests that Xanthohumol functions not only as a remarkable antioxidant but also as a powerful metabolic agent that has the ability to affect cell signaling, which means that it can have a profound influence on a vast array of structures and functions throughout the body.

This makes Xanthohumol unique among nutritional antioxidants. It is also the only ingredient on earth that naturally gets your body to release its own Oxytocin, known as the “Hormone of Happiness”.

The makers of DOSE, Elevacity, combined xanthohumol with Tumeric for a very specific purpose. Turmeric, the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease. It has so many healing properties that currently there have been 6,235 peer-reviewed articles published proving the benefits of turmeric and one of its renowned healing compounds curcumin.

Xanthomax uses liposomal technology which protects the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells.

In fact, “Data shows that Liposomal Delivery is up to 20 times more Bio-Available than Conventional Methods”**

**Robert D. Milne, M.D., PC, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (Henderson, NV): Life’s Fountain Books, 2004, 85.

How to use it?
Directions: Take 1 capsule daily. Avoid taking more than 3 capsules per day. Store in a cool dry place.


The supplement XanthoMax® that completes the DOSE duo along with smart coffee:

✔️is gluten-free
✔️uses liposomal digestion technology to protect the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells*
✔️contains Xanthohumol which is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever studied*
✔️which nutritionally supports a healthy aging process*
✔️which reduces cell damage caused by oxidative stress and improves overall health*
✔️which strengthens your immune system by reducing oxidative damage to immune performing cells in your body*
✔️which promotes natural hormonal balance*
✔️which helps your body release elevated amounts of oxytocin*, commonly referred to as the hormone of happiness
✔️which is referred to by scientists as the “master molecule”

contains Turmeric extract:
✔️which was studied to be a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may help improve symptoms of emotional fatigue and joint discomfort*
✔️which may help with the intensity of headaches and migraines*
✔️which may help clear your skin from toxins and other impurities*

contains Caffeine:
which acts as a nutrient delivery agent to support metabolic uptake and thermogenic energy*
contains Diindolylmethane (DIM):
✔️which may help with estrogen and testosterone balance and utilization*
✔️which may help clear your skin from toxins and other impurities*
✔️which may stimulate the immune system in order to help it destroy bacteria*
contains an emulsifier, Sunflower Lecithin:
✔️which helps balance fat levels in your bloodstream*
✔️which has anti-inflammatory properties*
✔️which has a positive impact on liver and heart nutrient demands*
✔️which is beneficial in brain health and helps to lubricate joints*
✔️which is a natural source of Phosphatidyl Choline, a neuro nutrient that feeds your brain*

How to Optimize Xanthohumols

To best optimize Xanthomax, simply combine it with one of the tasty functional beverages to create the ultimate D.O.S.E. experience. The beverages offered by Elevacity include Smart Coffee, Dose, Nitro Brew, and Zest.

This powerful combination will help your body to promote all four hormones of happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. That’s where the name DOSE comes from.

What Ingredients are in Xanthomax?

Xanthohumol extract, Tumeric Root Extract, (95% Curcuminoids), caffeine, 3’3’Diindolmethane, Phosphatidyl Choline from Sunflower lecithin. Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule, Rice flour, Microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), Silica.
This product contains approximately 30mg caffeine per serving.

According to Elevacity:

XanthoMax® is an encapsulated wellness supplement designed to deliver Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant that helps promote the hormone, oxytocin. XanthoMax® is a Xanthohumol based nutraceutical that is derived from Hops flowers—most likely the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer! XanthoMax® uses liposomal technology to protect the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells.

Combine Xanthomax® with your Elevate Functional Beverage to complete your D.O.S.E. Duo.

XanthoMax® is a dietary supplement that is the only natural ingredient that helps your body release elevated amounts of Oxytocin, commonly referred to as the hormone of happiness.

XanthoMax® is an encapsulated dietary supplement designed to deliver Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant. It is a nutraceutical derived from Hops flowers—yes the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer!

Using liposomal technology, XanthoMax® is delivered directly to your cells by adding protection to the nutrients so they aren’t broken down in your stomach.

Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Xanthohumol

Xanthohumol (Xn) is a Bioactive Flavonoid Antioxidant molecule found in the flowering Hops Plant. It is 200 times more powerful than Resveratrol, the world renowned Antioxidant found naturally in Red Wine.

The health benefits of Xanthohumol have been known for years, and in more than 200 research studies, it has been linked to a wide range of potential benefits.

In vitro studies have confirmed Xanthohumol’s inhibiting effect on:

  • Inflammatory processes
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • And more than sixty types of Cancer occurring in Humans, including: Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and a multitude of other Cancer types

In addition Xanthohumol:

  • Helps Support cell health to fight oxidative stress
  • Helps Regulate Fat metabolism and storage
  • Helps Modulate Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels
  • Helps Promote general health to ward off illness
  • Helps Maintain Glucose and Insulin levels
  • Helps Protect against Free Radicals better than green tea and red wine, with 6 times the power of Antioxidant-rich citrus fruits and 4 times the strength of soy foods, also high in Antioxidants.


Is Xanthomax safe?

No matter what, always check with your doctor before changing your diet and adding new supplements.

Double-check the ingredients and if you are aware of any allergens, please do not take the product.

Xanthomax, Smart Coffee and all the functional beverages are “safe” as long as the ingredients they are comprised of are safe for you. Sometimes you may not know until you try it.

When Should I Take Xanthomax?

According to the package directions, you should take Xanthomax 30 minutes prior to drinking your functional beverage (smart coffee, nitro coffee, choclevate, or zest). The overwhelming majority of customers in our Facebook group say that taking the supplement first thing in the morning on an empty stomach works best for them.

However, some say the supplement makes them very sleepy, so they take it before bedtime or in the afternoon.

It may take a few days of trial and error to see what works best for you, but for the best results continue the use of Xanthomax. It takes a few days for your body to regulate the hormones and start getting the full benefits of Xanthomax.

I recommend starting as recommended, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and with a lot of water. If you have any adverse reactions, like being very sleep, consider moving Xanthomax to the afternoon or evening.

The key to success with the DOSE duo is water. WATER, water, water. Drink half your body weight in water.

Also, take note the directions on the package say that you can take Xanthomax up to 3 times within 24 hours. So, if you are doing well on the product, take it up to 3 times a day – morning, afternoon, and evening. Only take it that often if you are doing really well on the product!

Here are Some Suggestions From Our Customer Group:

My suggested way of taking DOSE is:

In the morning, take 1 Xanthomax with 8oz of Water
A Half Hour Later, Mix a packet (or scoop) of Elevate Brew or Choclevate with Hot Water and Flavor to taste.
If you do not feel amazing, you might need to adjust the amount of coffee a bit. I do NOT recommend putting the smart coffee in your regular coffee to start (as it might be too much caffeine, to begin with).
Once you know how you should be feeling (I would give it a few days to a week) with the product alone, you can go ahead and add it to your caffeinated beverage.

**Make sure you drink a lot of water, as coffee is a natural diuretic.
If you are not getting more energy, you need to drink more water!**

Please know that every “BODY” is different and everyone will experience different benefits!

Taking DOSE together first thing in the morning made me ILL!!!
Switched to only coffee in the morning and XanthoMax two hours before bedtime. Perfect.
…Extra water – Dawn

You want to take Xanthomax 30 minutes before the coffee so that it is at the right ph and being utilized by the body by the time u drink the coffee which of course the coffee gives the natural energy so the coffee energy will kick in and they won’t feel tired. If they take it after you drink the coffee which we get energy from then the XanthoMax will naturally relax and calm which is opposite – Cathy

Just started yesterday with 3 a day. Started at 223. And this morning am at 221! 🙂 lol.
I took one with my coca in the am at 8am to 9am.
Took one between 1 and 2
Another around 6 to 7 – Rachael

The oxytocin stimulation just relaxes most people! And one of its benefits is helping with insomnia and regulating sleep 😊 I guess if you take it and feel like it perks you up, then you should take it earlier in the day though!! – Blake

I take one on before I get out of bed In Morning ( usually between 4-5 am and then one a hour or so before bedtime . I love the antioxidant protection and the nighttime dose helps me sleep better. – Bev

I take mine in the morning 30 mins before I drink my cup of happy! I also take one before bed and sleep better than I ever have! –Leah

I drink my coffee, eat breakfast then an hour later take my Xanthromax. Works like a charm!!! – Barbara

Can I Take Xanthomax Without Smart Coffee?

While it is recommended to take Xanthomax with one of our functional beverages (Smart coffee, Nitro, Choclevate, Zest) to get the full effects of D.O.S.E. – elevation of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins, you absolutely can take Xanthomax without smart coffee.

Everyone is so different in how they will respond to DOSE, you just have to do what works for you. 

My mom’s friend just takes xanthomax and loves it. She has lost weight, feels great and it’s helping her pain. She bought dose but doesn’t care for the coffee so she just started buying xanthomax. She is as happy as a clam with just the xanthomax! – Corri

Xanthomax Reviews

Dig into these reviews, there are several nuggets of wisdom that you will take with you so you get the best results from your DOSE experience.

The first couple of days when I started on it, I got a slight headache, but nothing I couldn’t handle! If you’ve ever been on an antidepressant like Prozac, I got a terrible headache for the first week when I first started that, but then it went away. The Xanthomax works with the brain and your 4 happy hormones, similar to Prozac. So the reason you get a slight headache is because it’s adjusting your 4 happy hormones. Just tuff it out for a few days and the headache will go away. – Sharon

My face is clear of acne 😭😭😭😭 it’s been so hard for me to get rid of it til this!! – Amber

I took Xanthomax 4 days a row and don’t sleep 4 nights in a row. I started to split the capsules. – Siobhan

Hubby took 3 a day and said it was like the little blue pill – Amber

I have horrible bloating issues and my ring is big everytime I take DOSE. – Amanda

I love Xanthomax!!! It just reeeeally intensifies everything and the benefits are 🤯🤯🤯 – Maggie

Helps a lot with my sinus pressure and infections. – Amber

I take my XanthoMax at night and I haven’t had to take sleeping pills since last Monday – Christy

I have Lupus. I can tell you when I first started the xanthomax I was in a flare. It took a couple of days but I started to feel amazing and the pain was less and less. My doctor was surprised by how fast I was able to come out of the flare and I have not had many symptoms since starting! – Brittany

At first I was more “moody” I guess you could say.. not sure of the pathology behind it. But knew it was helping the depression. All I can guess and assume is that it is “balancing” and it will get there. I stuck with it and 5 months later I’m not moody and have the best demeanor and calmness I’ve had since trauma and tragedy hit my family 2.5 years ago. I would
Strongly encourage them to stick with it. It will improve and resolve. – April

I think everyone is going to react differently, depending on your body chemicals. I took it for 2 days and was able to quit smoking…I continued to take it but it made me soooo angry….its weird….i would have outbursts on it that i’ve not had in a loooong time…if ever….i havent gotten back on it yet but hope to be able to get leveled out – Whitni

This Happy Coffee plus Xanthomax is amazing! My appetite is down, I’ve lost 10 lbs already and it gives me the motivation to work out. – Brad

Xanthomax has helped my migraines – Becky

I call this my magic pill! This has helped me deal with my joint and muscle pain (associated with fibromyalgia) better then any prescription that I have been on! So grateful!! –Kristen

I want to post some IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all who are wanting weight loss from this coffee, chocolate and Xanthomax pill…😊☕️💊🍫

I see lots of people saying they aren’t losing weight and only giving this 2 months OR LESS and then quitting if they don’t see any weight loss.

I learned this information from my Coffee Biz partners that have been selling these products for a lot longer than me:

Weight Loss IS a Side Effect of drinking this coffee and taking Xanthomax for people who Need to lose weight. So that’s why they show testimonies of people losing weight for advertising of these Happy Products.
✅It Does help people lose weight. There are Thousands of weight loss testimonies , and if you look at each one….they always tell of all the other positive changes they experienced as well!!🤗😊

If a skinny person drinks it, they won’t lose weight. It normalizes the inside of your body to start working properly. An amazing thing happens when all 4 of your happy hormones are normalized inside your body.

For Some People they get results right away! But for other people, it may take months… 1 or 2 or 3 or maybe 4 months before they start seeing changes on the scale.  Inch loss happens for a lot of people before scale loss.

Try looking to see what positive results you are getting, like increased energy, better sleep, eating smaller portions, happier mood, clearer thinking, better skin, etc…. These products were created to help people with Depression and Anxiety. All the other benefits we see people getting are side effects.

Diabetics getting normal readings, plantar fasciitis/tendonitis pain under control, blood pressure normalized, No need for antidepressants meds anymore, etc etc etc…..

happier people equals healthier bodies when taking Dose.

Give it some time and I promise you will get some kind of results. Stay positive and look for the positive things happening to your body.
If you take Any kind of supplement, it takes time for it to start working in your body.

Just remember you are giving your body some Amazing Supplements! Google all the positive results of having Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, & Endorphins in your body. I bet you will find something positive happening for your body.

Also google what the ingredients in the coffee & especially the Xanthomax pill can do for your body & brain. Xanthohumol has been researched a ton in the past 2 years. It is an Amazing nutrient.
Look it up.

And Tumeric…. that spice has been the new big thing in Nutrition over the past several years!!! It’s been used for centuries around the world as a healing spice for bringing down inflammation….

Just trust all the information you read. And know you are giving your body important supplements ingredients.

Focus on your Health…..

Don’t worry so much about how much weight you need to lose.
That’s what I have started to do and it really changes your outlook.

Look at everything you put into your body, foods, drinks, supplements, vitamins. Is it something that’s going to improve your health?… or Not?


I am happy with the feelings of calmness and happiness this product is doing for me. Winter is usually a hard time for me but this year is very different and I truly think it’s because of D.O.S.E. If I don’t lose weight then it is what it is… At least I’m getting ME back to “normal”. What ever normal is! Lol – Shelly

I have been on the Choclevate and Xanthomax 30 days now. I am down 7.2lbs and 4-3/4 inches. Also I had been on thyroid medication since 2000, but the past year I couldn’t afford the medication. Today the dr’s office called to say my levels were normal therefore he is not putting me back on the med. The only change I have made was using this product, so I couldn’t be happier with the all around results! – Devin

I have been on coffee and xanthomax for a few weeks! I got my first order today. Had been doing samples. But I started Nitro and Xanthomax this morning. But I weighed the first time since I weighed the day I started down 10lbs. But my energy is better, plus anxiety and my pain from Lupus is so much in control. It’s doing this even though I am under alot of stress with my son’s surgery.- Andrea

I have rheumatoid arthritis and a serious injury from a head collision with a drunk driver. I could not make it without my DOSE every morning. – Kellie

I really LOVE the Nitro Xanthomax combo! Gives me great energy and super appetite suppression!! Game changer! I only need to use 1/2 scoop Nitro added to my regular coffee and getting these results! –Lisa

Where to Buy Xanthomax?

If you have been introduced to Xanthomax and smart coffee by a friend that is a distributor, reach out to them for their personal website. If you are just researching the side effects and want to know more about it, consider purchasing from my website. Also, look for the DOSE Experience – a sample so you can see how the product works for you before purchasing.


The number of reviews of Smart Coffee and Xanthomax – the famous DOSE duo- is overwhelming.

Most people are seeing very positive results in weight management and mood enhancement. It’s definitely worth a try! But, remember sometimes it takes up to 6 weeks of consistent use before you really see great results. On the other hand, you may be one of the lucky ones that find results immediately!

Give a shot! It could change your life.