Elevate Smart Coffee recently introducted a new version of smart coffee called Nitro. How do you pick which option is best for you? You’ll get the same benefits from Nitro plus 7 distinct upgrades. Read on about all the differences in smart coffee and Nitro.

Nitro Smart Coffee vs. Regular Smart Coffee Benefits

Smart Coffee
Nitro Smart Coffee
More Natural Energy X X
Reduces Oxidative Stress X X
Greater Mental Clarity X X
Enhanced Memory X X
Reduced Brain Fog X X
Enables Anabolic Responses X X
Burns Fat X X
Increases Metabolism X X
Reduces Fatigue and Appetite X X
Powerful Antioxidant X X
Elevates Positive Mood X X
Provides Anti-Stress and Anti- Anxiety Effects X X
Increase Alertness, Focus, and Concnetration X X
Reduces Sugar and Carbohydrate Cravings X X
Performance Enhancing   X
Promotes Increased Vaso-Dialation   X
Generate Efficient Blood Flow   X
Nutrient and Oxygen Delivery in the Cells   X
Helps Reduce Fatigue   X
Helps Increase Energy and Endurance Levels   X
Protection from Free Radical Damage   X

The Nitro version fo smart coffee adds an additional set of cofactors for wellness and health. Some people are using the original brew and seeing wonderful results. If you are older, doing exercise, wellness programs, or experiencing fatigue even when using the original brew than the vasodilation partner in the nitro might be the one for you.

Many people bounce back-and-forth between each one on the weekends they try the nitro and then they do the original during the week.

If you’re looking for extra support of antioxidant protection added to vasodilation in circulation because you’re overactive or in sports, the nitro might be a better choice for you, both choices are effective and wellness is achieved.

What’s the Difference?

So, what is the difference between Nitro and regular Elevate Smart Coffee?  Keep in mind that Nitro contains all the benefits of smart coffee, plus more.

Here are some notes from a recent company webinar:

Nitro includes performance-enhancing Nitric oxide which comes from nutrients, the body produces nitric oxide through the utilization of Oxygen.

Nitric Oxide helps to keep our veins from collapsing, keeps vasodilation in place and works for the utilization of oxygen and it works for the removal of toxins and it promotes energy at the cellular level in the mitochondria and ATP the powerhouses, the batteries, the energy factory within our cells.

Here are just some of the benefits, you’ll get from Nitric Oxide:

  • Generate efficient blood flow
  • Boost nutrition and oxygen delivery in the cells
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase energy and endurance levels
  • Protect against free-radical damage
  • Support Vasodilation
  • Manage weight
  • Enhance overall mood

The body uses & requires Nitric Oxide and so we create it but we are often deficient in Nitric Oxide.

As we age our Oxygen utilization depresses and the older that we get the more stress & endurance that we encounter we may need to increase our nitric oxide levels to support that new level of activity or that new decline resulting in aging, so these performance-enhancing nitric oxide nutrients promote vasodilation and vasodilation come from veins and our cardiovascular system.

Example: If we were to imagine that we have poor oxygen delivery and fatigue and stress and aging, our veins will get smaller and smaller and smaller, nitric oxide increased oxygen saturation helps promote expansion or dilation in those veins like a garden hose in the backyard.

If you have a small hose you have a small amount of water/nutrients going to feed the garden but if you have a large hose you can flood the garden with water/nutrients to feed the garden.

In biology in our body that hose is our blood supply, our nutrient supply, our oxygen capabilities, keeping our entire garden of life at a cellular level motivated, accelerated, an activated so nutrients and oxygen delivery to the cells are promoted through vasodilation like a big garden hose and this is going to help to reduce fatigue.

If you are drained all the time and you don’t have energy all the time, just imagine if you hold your breath all the time you’re going to get fatigued you’re going to get dizzy you’re going to have a lack of oxygen & oxygen saturation so by increasing vasodilation you’re going to increase oxygen circulation and therefore utilization, we are going to increase energy and endurance levels by additional nitric oxide contributions from nutrition, energy, and endurance.

Endurance levels are how much energy we have to do something whether it’s walking or working or working out or doing fitness or sports anything in our lifestyle we want to have more energy and endurance.

Nitro Smart Coffee to Boost Your Workouts

Consider Nitro Brew for the best energy drink for workouts! The boost you will get from smart coffee will help you get the physical and mental energy to get you through the workout and still have energy throughout the day. 

Some of you out there love working out, but some of us (I’m included here) will think of every excuse under the sun to avoid working out.

What if your pre-workout drink included nootropics that could help increase blood flowand help maximize performance?

Would you Consider Coffee for a Pre-Workout Drink?

Before you dismiss the notion of caffeine as an exercise aid, consider the following…

There is no doubt that caffeine works to help exercise performance. It is known to stimulate the central nervous system, mobilize various hormones that are involved in metabolic processes, improve muscle contraction, and improve the use of fats and carbohydrates for energy.

But, and this is a big but, how you use it is very important in whether you’ll get maximum performance benefits from it. Take note of the results of numerous studies on the subject of caffeine use to enhance performancein order to fully understand how caffeine use can benefit your exercise program.

Here are the findings of those studies:

  1. Explosive athletes who do short-duration sports such as power-lifting, sprints, ECT. Do not appear to benefit from caffeine use.
  2. Endurance athletes such as long-distance cyclists, runners, swimmers, ECT. Can improve their performance with caffeine use.
  3. Reaction time can be improved with caffeine use.
  4. The best dose of caffeine is around 3.0 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. Below that, little performance improvement is noted and above that, there will be a performance decrement.
  5. An athlete who uses caffeine after abstaining from it for several days sees improved performance.
  6. Fat loss with exercise is increased when caffeine is taken prior to exercise.
  7. The half life of caffeine in your system is around 6 hours and its effects are of similar duration.
  8. Caffeine intake results in increased alertness, reduced drowsiness and a reduced perception of fatigue.

With the above in mind, it would seem beneficial to use caffeine before exercise. Even those involved in powerlifting and sprinting can still benefit from the improved alertness and reaction time.

Now, something to point out here is that there are those who do not respond well to caffeine. About 20% of the population will exhibit adverse effects on caffeine such as cardiac arrhythmias, excessive urination, insomnia, withdrawal headaches and a type of anxiety called “caffeinism”. If you’re in the 20% who experience any of these effects from caffeine use, don’t use it! The benefits you get from it are not worth those side effects.

If you have ulcers you are cautioned against using caffeine because it causes a 400% increase in acid levels in the stomach.

The recommended dose of caffeine in the coffee form is around two cups one hour before exercise.

The bottom line on using caffeine to help you perform better during exercise is, yes, it does have its benefits, but, it should be used wisely and only you can determine whether or not it’s helping your exercise performance and if it’s right for you.

Best Energy Drink for Workouts

Consider Smart coffee or Nitro brew from Elevacity.

Smart Coffee

Smart Coffee from Elevacity has the amazing taste of coffee plus benefits including:

  • Weight loss (appetite supressants)
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Good mood
  • Feelings of love
  • Natural energy (less crashing, more coasting at a higher level of energy)
  • Burn fat
  • Kick cravings

When you combine Smart Coffee with Xanthomax, you are targeting all four happiness hormones – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphines.

Nitro Brew

One cup of Elevate NITRO brew coffee helps generate efficient blood flow, boosts nutrient and oxygen delivery, naturally improves fatigue levels and performance, and increases energy and endurance levels. Kick-start your routine with Elevate NITRO, the smarter coffee way to start your day.

Each cup of Elevate NITRO coffee creates efficient blood flow, boosts metabolism, nutrient and oxygen deliver. It reduces fatigue levels and increases performance while boosting energy and stamina.


The taste of Nitro is smoother than regular smart coffee, plus you can immediately start feeling the benefits. After my initial nitro coffee review, I’ve decided to mix Nitro brew and the regular smart coffee. It’s a little bit lighter taste overall and it truly helps enhance all the amazing smart coffee benefits. Purchase your favorite version here.