If you are ready to give smart coffee a try but concerned about the side effects read on – because they could be different for everyone!

No matter which version of smart coffee you choose, take note that you need to increase your water intake! There are negative reviews and complaints online that could have been avoided with an influx of water.

Here are the amazing Elevate smart coffee side effects that I notice every day:

  • Natural Energy
  • Elevate Positive Mood
  • Boost Memory
  • Increase Clarity
  • Enhance Focus
  • Burn Fat
  • Curb Hunger Cravings
  • Reduce Fatigue

It’s important to understand that each body will adapt to smart coffee and Xanthomax differently. I suggest starting slow, start with a half a serving and work your way up to a full serving. Don’t forget to drastically increase your water intake! 

Some people see the benefits immediately, and with other people, it may take up to 30 days to see results. The Elevate smart coffee side effects boil down to Weight Management and Brain Health.

When your coffee helps you curb cravings and you can instantly tell a difference that you aren’t hungry as much and don’t need to snack anymore – that is a WOW factor. When your weight starts going down, you will want to shout about your love for this coffee from the rooftops!

Then, you start to notice that you are happier, not just because you are losing weight, you are just happy. You have an even mood, you can handle situations better and you are calm. You are more focused. You notice little things like you remember where you left your phone or why you walked into the room.

Even More Side Effects of Smart Coffee and Xanthomax

While reading through our customer testimonial group, a question came up about itchy scalps when using DOSE – smart coffee and xanthomax. It turns out that many of the women in the group have experienced very fast hair and nail growth so the itchy scalp may be from the incoming hair coming in. Another train of thought is the tumeric in Xanthomax causes itchiness, but only some people are affected by the tumeric causing them to be itchier. 

If you are drinking Nitro, be aware that you have increased circulation which may cause even more unique side effects. Mostly you’ll see reduced pain and similar side effects. 

How Much Caffeine Does Smart Coffee Have?

If you are caffeine-sensitive, you really want to be aware of how much caffeine is in smart coffee. Keep in mind there are 4 different options from Elevacity, here’s the caffeine content for each:

Type of Elevate Smart Coffee Caffeine Amount Per Serving
Smart Coffee 130 mg
Nitro Brew 120 mg
Zest 40 mg
Choclevate 5 mg


What if Smart Coffee Doesn’t “Work” For Me?

It can be so disheartening to see other people with amazing results and nothing is happening for you. I totally understand! While you may not see the weight loss results that I mention above, be sure to watch out for other benefits.

Before you get totally frustrated with the smart coffee, be sure you have put these into practice:

  1. Vastly increase your water intake. Take your weight, divide it in half and that is the amount of water you should be drinking daily. Drinking water will help your body adjust to all the great things that smart coffee is doing in your body.
  2. Use the complete formula. DOSE is smart coffee and Xanthomax. The supplement Xanthomax acts a power booster to help you see results faster. Be sure you are taking Xanthomax along with the smart coffee.
  3. Use the product consistently for 6-8 weeks. I would say it took me about a month to finally start realizing the calming effects of smart coffee. I’m so glad I kept using it and didn’t give up. The nootropics in the smart coffee will adjust your hormones, and those things take time to adjust properly. Give it time.

If the products work for a month and then you stop noticing the benefits – try this hack. Drink the coffee for 5 days and then take 2 days off. Your body may have gotten used to the ingredients in smart coffee so drinking it this way will help you see results consistently

Note: There are counterfiet versions of smart coffee available for sale on the internet. Drinking these counterfeit versions could cause bad side effects. Always purchase DOSE, smart coffee, and Xanthomax from an Elepreneur.

If you have done those things and it still isn’t working, consider changing your diet. Add more protein, cut back on processed foods, and eat more whole foods.

Still not working? Start walking daily, just get out and move. In my guide, “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss” we talk about simple ways to get moving without going to the gym for hours at a time.

What do you think? Smart coffee has helped a lot of men and women – not just losing weight, but feeling good again, having more energy, and so much more. Is it worth it to you to give smart coffee a try? 

Can I Drink Smart Coffee While Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

These questions are best answered by your doctor! While some women are able to consume caffeine and can enjoy coffee while pregnant, some women are forced to stay away from coffee and caffeine while pregnant. Many women are OK to continue the smart coffee and Xanthomax regimen while breastfeeding, but for others it is more important to have a nice, healthy appetite which will help with your milk supply.  Baby always comes first, just talk to your doctor and follow their recommendation. 

Smart Coffee Success Stories

A month after I started Keto last May, I had lost 10lbs… and which I gained back! 2 months of Happy Coffee and Dose, and I lost 17lbs in that time (I’ve lost even more since then!)

Dose isn’t a weight loss product, so how am I losing weight?!?

My Dose helps me feel satisfied so I eat smaller portions! My Dose helps with my carb and sugar cravings, as well as a decreased appetite so I don’t snack!

Now that’s one hell of a side benefit!


To say this coffee has changed my life is an understatement…its honestly changed me to my soul I’ve opened up my wounds for the world to see and hear….it has saved me in one of the darkest moments I’ve ever been in … It has given me strength …courage…It has Given me a light to hold so others can See the Glimmer of hope and help them start their own Journey…

I have FINALLY learned to LOVE me…

Picture 1. I was at my heaviest and I honestly stopped caring about my body, I figured why the hell should I care, I’m broken anyways…

Picture 2. Was in Sept 2018 i was almost 280 lbs in a size 22 …still felt broken and figured well shit this is it..this is the hand i was dealt..im tired of getting my hopes up…i had zero energy…I was miserable..

Picture 3. Was the firstday i said “I’ve had it, im done.. no more..get your ass together, Sara” That was the moment of how my journey would start…Day 1 of The happy Coffee ..i was a skeptic 100% …..i felt the effects in the first hour and let me tell you i had so much energy i didnt know what to do with it…and i removed my foot from my mouth…i am a Believer..💯 

Picture 4. Nearly November i hit my first weight goal of losing nearly 25 lbs…..and lost crazy inches…i was a Believer..not just because of the physical change…it was so much more than that..my soul was truly on fire and i was changing..

Picture 5. I am now just a few short pounds of hitting the big 50lb weight loss goal.

The head space im now in is becoming infectious to others and that is what i love the most, they see me truly happy and support me and thank me for being vulnerable..

Picture 6. My 3rd consistent day at the gym …set a small goal of 1 hour maybe 2 or 3x a week….mind you my journey from day 1 to 3 days prior..I had not changed my diet or did any crazy exercise routine..its been years since ive been to the gym…

I’m now in a size 18 ….its weird my feet even lost weight ! !

Be your own hero…dont tap out …

smart coffee success