If you want to know how to make Elevate smart coffee, you are in the right spot! Jump into the video below and take a look at how easy it is to make your own personalized smart coffee for your taste. 

Tools Needed to Make Smart Coffee

  • 6-8 Ounces Hot Water
  • Smart Coffee options:
    • Elevacity Smart Coffee
    • Nitro Coffee
    • Choclevate
    • Zest

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Optional Tools Needed: 

Milk Frother – this is a great, inexpensive tool to have on hand to help mix

Ninja blender – If you plan on using your smart coffee in protein shakes this small version is an easy-to-use option that won’t break the bank. 

Keurig As a coffee drinker, you may already have a Keurig. If not, check out this small space-saving version. It’s a fast and easy way to brew the right amount of hot water needed for smart coffee. Of course any smart coffe maker will work, I just happen to have a Keurig. 

Tea Kettle – If you prefer a tea kettle for hot water, check out some of these options. 

See my entire list of “must-have” coffee tools here. 

how to make smart coffee

How to Make Elevate Smart Coffee

Elevate smart coffee is an instant coffee. To make the coffee, all you need to do is add 6-8 ounces of hot water to your cup, add the scoop or packet of the coffee, blend, and dress it up as you like. The most difficult part of this recipe is learning how to dress it up according to your taste with cream and sugar, or protein powder, or even orange juice. 

By following these simple directions, you’ll have the optimal nootropics and get the full benefit out of smart coffee. Nootropics will help you curb cravings, increase memory and focus, and elevate three out of four of your happiness hormones.

Use the same steps to make Nitro brew coffee from Elevacity as well. Here is more information about Nitro.

How to Make Choclevate

Chocolevate is the no-caffeine added version of smart coffee. You’ll get the same benefits of the nootropics in smart coffee without the caffeine. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a hot chocolate-like experience. Learn more about Choclevate here.

To make choclevate, all you do it add a scoop or packet to 6-8 ounces of hot water. Keep in mind that choclevate doesn’t dissolve as well as the coffee does, so make sure your water/milk is very hot or you use your milk frother or blender to mix it very well. 

How to Make Zest

Zest is the newest option that has a lemon-lime flavor. It has all the benefits of smart coffee but tastes like lemonade. There are many combination possibilities to enjoy zest. The basic version is to add a scoop or packet of zest to 6-8 ounces of cold water. 

If you find that the zest tastes a little bitter, mix it with HOT water instead. Let it sit for a few minutes and then pour over ice. It’s a very refreshing drink with zero bitter taste. 

Zest has half the amount of caffeine of the regular smart coffee, so this is a great option to drink in the afternoon if you need a pick-me-up. Or replace your morning coffee with Zest if you are caffeine-sensitive. 

What if Smart Coffee Tastes Bitter? 

Some people have found that smart coffee has a bit of a bitter taste to them. If that is the case for you it might be worth it to give the Nitro brew a try. The nitro version of smart coffee helps your body produce extra nitric oxide. It will help your blood flow a little more and is very effective for endurance. 

Plus, the taste of Nitro is noticeably smoother than smart coffee. Give it a try. 

If you want to make smart coffee a little bit less bitter, try these hacks: 

  • Add a pinch of pink himalyan salt
  • Mix with orange juice
  • Add the smart coffee to your regular cup of coffee
  • Add it to a protein shake

Smart coffee can be consumed by itself with no additions, you can mix it with choclevate, add creamer, or make iced coffee, cappuccinos,  mocha frappuccinos – the possibilities are endless. Find more ways to make your coffee less bitter here. 

Now that you know how to make smart coffee, try a few different recipes and enjoy! Click here to see more Smart Coffee recipes. 

Additional Tips to Make Smart Coffee

Before you make your first cup of smart coffee shake the tub well. This will not only help you find the scoop but it will also ensure the nootropics in the coffee are mixed well and avoid possible settlement.  

Many smart coffee users recommend starting with only a scoop/packet. If you do not feel a difference, then use a full scoop the following day.

It’s vitally important that you increase your water intake to get the full effects of the nootropics in smart coffee. You should drink approximately half your weight in ounces of water.

Ex: 200 lbs = 100 ounces

If you experience fatigue, dizzy, lightheaded, or headaches while drinking smart coffee, be aware that you may be dehydrated. For extra hydration consider Alkaline water for extra hydration. 

Or you can simply make it at home by adding lemons, baking soda, or alkaline drops to your purified water. 

If you are just starting to drink smart coffee and you feel nauseous, try drinking the coffee along with some protein and a glass of water. 

If you feel irritable, “on edge”, or emotional in the beginning, don’t be concerned. This is just your body balancing our hormones. Give it time and you’ll be so glad you did!  

Just remember that you may see negative review of Elevate smart coffee online and the majority of those reviews could be remediated by simply drinking more water! When in doubt – drink more water! Another tip is to take a couple of days off smart coffee so your body doesn’t ‘get used’ to the effects of the nootropics. I typically drink coffee during the week and take the weekends off. 

When to Take Xanthomax

how to make smart coffeeIf you are already drinking smart coffee, it’s important to take the supplement called Xanthomax that completes the DOSE duo. The supplement contains Xanthohumol, an antioxidant that helps promote the hormone, oxytocin. 

When you drink any of the functional beverages – smart coffee, nitro, zest, or choclevate – as well as take the supplement Xanthomax, you’ll be elevating your four happiness hormones. That’s where the name DOSE comes from – the four happiness hormones, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. 

The effects of the supplement will be individualized depending on your body’s response.

Here are some tips to help you know when to take Xanthomax: 

  • Take 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before coffee/cocoa.
  • Some get a little sleepy with Xanthomax, so if you experience this, take in the evening before bed.
  • If you experience headaches, be sure you are drinking lots of water. The headaches will typically go away after a couple of days. 
  • Xanthomax can be taken up to 3 times daily if needed.


To make smart coffee, simply grab your favorite coffee cup, add smart coffee, and then add 4-6 oz. hot water. Add sugar and cream or whatever ingredient you would like. And enjoy!

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Learn how easy it is to make Elevate Smart Coffee. Enjoy!