I hate to admit this, but sometimes the smart coffee that I love so dearly tastes bitter to me. Keep reading to find out how to make smart coffee taste better. 

The perfect cup of coffee is a work of art or a science experiment. Either way, sometimes it takes a little trial and error to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

Sometimes when you try smart coffee with the hope of getting all the amazing benefits of nootropics, you end up with a bitter taste that makes smart coffee a little hard to swallow. 

Luckily, there are tons of ways to get rid of the bitterness that you may experience from smart coffee. Definitely keep trying to make it work for you, the side effects of the nootropics are worth it. And don’t forget that sometimes it takes 4-6 weeks of continued use to start feeling the effects of smart coffee. 

So, it’s worth it to keep trying and find a way to enjoy the flavor. When you find the right combo that works for you, it will be so worth it!


9 Ways to Make Smart Coffee Taste Better


The first thing you need to do is mix your smart coffee. And to do that all you have to do it add the instant coffee to 6-8 ounces of hot water. 

The way I make it is to add a scoop (or packet) of smart coffee to my coffee mug and use the middle option on my Keurig to make smart coffee. As long as it is 6-8 ounces of hot water, you’ll activate the nootropics in smart coffee and be able to get all the amazing benefits. 

Unfortunately, some people have experienced a bitter taste after drinking smart coffee. It’s so hard when you want to drink the coffee to get all the amazing benefits of the nootropics in smart coffee, but you get a yucky acidic, bitter aftertaste that kills the joy. 

I’ve compiled several ways to improve the bitterness of smart coffee. Take a look below. But be sure to keep scrolling to see WHY it may be bitter and even more ways to make smart coffee have a less bitter after taste. 

Here are some unique ways to make smart coffee taste better: 


#1. Choclevate

chocolevateChoclevate is the no-caffeine added version of smart coffee. Choclevate is a great option for those who do not drink coffee. You get all the amazing benefits of nootropics with the great taste of hot chocolate. 

One thing to remember when you mix choclevate is that it doesn’t mix well! I use a milk frother like this one to be sure that my drink is well-mixed. In fact, I use this milk frother to mix my coffee, even make specialty coffee house drinks like cappuccinos. 

If you want to reduce the bitterness of smart coffee with Choclevate, all you have to do when you make your coffee is to add one scoop of smart coffee and then half a scoop of Choclevate. Add the hot water and mix really well. 

If you are still tasting the bitterness when you add Choclevate to your smart coffee, you can try any of the following options with this combo and see what you like. 

The funny thing about making the perfect cup of Elevate smart coffee is that what works for you may not work for your best friend. We all have such different tastes – just keep trying different things to see what works for you.

#2. Pinch of salt

This may sound crazy, but adding a pinch of salt to your coffee or coffee grounds is a well-known option to help reduce the bitterness of coffee. 

Have you ever heard of this?! I was a little shocked to find out that many cultures in Europe have been using this trick for ages. 

A commenter on an article I was reading noted the importance of adding salt – basically to anything. I’ve always heard that it’s vital to add salt to a pot of pasta – for the flavor and not to make the water boil faster. 

Here’s what the commenter said, “I learned in a cooking class to add a pinch of salt to help your tongue taste the flavor. The salt increases saliva, which improves how well you can taste it. So I wonder if it helps taste delicious coffee-ness?”

Hmmm… is that enough to make you want to try salting your coffee? 

Here’s a little more info: 

The thinking behind salting coffee is that salt acts as a bitterness reducer, somehow either blocking or tricking our brain and tongue into receiving all of that bitter taste. Now, for some, the dimension of bitterness—such as in grapefruit, bitter melon, radicchio, cocoa, etc.—is an appealing part of the flavor.

But in other instances, such as our body identifying toxicity in foods, or more to the point, in professional coffee grading, it can symbolize less desirable characteristics.

Flavors categorized by the Specialty Coffee Association as under the “bitterness” rubric can refer to defects, like “caustic”, “phenolic”, “creosol” and “alkaline”. Those don’t probably sound like something you’d like in your morning cup, whether they’re from defect or not. Source

If you are willing to salt your smart coffee, consider taking it up a notch and use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. You’ll get all the amazing nutrients plus it could help give you a more subtle taste instead of regular table salt. Here’s more information about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: 

  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains 84 rich nutritional minerals which include high quantities of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, zirconium and iodine. The beautiful pink hues serve as an indication of high iron content. These elements are necessary to maintain a healthy living and can be consumed in a variety of ways ranging from cooking to holistic healing
  • Natural Rich Bold Flavor – Packed with whole essential trace elements, Himalayan Salt restores natural alkaline balance, crucial for wellbeing. Himalayan Secrets gourmet salt has fresh, pure flavor, crystalline structure and gorgeous pink color stemming from its naturally high content of potassium, magnesium, and calcium

#3. A Drop of Lemon Juice

lemon juice in coffee

The next few options are based on the common thought that acidity and bitterness cancel each other out. Is that science? Well, I’m no scientist. But, after watching a TV Show where sailors would use the tip of a match in their cup of coffee to reduce the bitterness gives us a similar idea. The basic alkaloids in coffee contribute to bitterness so the acid in lemon juice (citric acid) and the acid from the match head (phosphoric acid) should, in theory, balance out those alkaloids.

The only way to know if it works for you is to give it a try!

Plus, if you are using Elevate Smart Coffee for its weight management benefits, you will absolutely love this bonus tip of trying lemon juice in your coffee: 

A mixture of both black coffee and lemon juice in the morning may work together to burn your belly fat and help you lose weight effectively. All you need to do is to make some coffee and add hot water to it. Add a spoonful of lemon juice and drink the warm mixture. The best way to ensure effective workouts in the gym is to drink it half an hour before you start exercising. Source

If you’ve ever traveled to Italy and enjoyed their finest cup of espresso, you may be surprised to notice the orange or lemon peel served with the espresso. Legend has it that you should rub the lemon peel on the lip of the cup before your first sip. 

Try the lemon juice or the lemon peel – you might reduce the bitterness of the smart coffee or you may just feel a little fancier for drinking like you are on the Amalfi Coast.

#4. Orange peel

orange peel in coffee

Continuing our journey to discover adding citric acid to coffee will reduce the bitterness of smart coffee, consider adding an orange peel. 

If you are going to try this option, all you have to do is add an orange peel for a few minutes while the coffee is hot. You’ll also get the additional benefits of beta-carotene giving your body a boost of Vitamin A. Just be sure not to eat the peel!

Side note: Since you are using the peel be sure it is organic so it is herbicide and pesticide-free. 

This is said by some to create the smoothest coffee they’ve ever had. It’s definitely worth giving a try!


#5. Orange Juice

orange juice and coffee

You may have heard of this unique combination because it has a cult following. Yes, truly. There are people that really, really enjoy orange juice and coffee mixed together. 

Wait…Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it!

It’s actually pretty refreshing! Especially if you like OJ. 

A coffee shop in Pheonix, AZ has created a special treat called the OJ Express that is on fire. It is Iced cold OJ topped with a double shot of espresso. Several coffee shops in the Pheonix area have created unique mixtures with espresso and orange juice. 

I admit that it sounds disgusting at first. But, you have to give it a chance. You may just say, “Wow! Surprisingly Refreshing!” just like I did…

This could definitely work to help reduce the bitterness in your smart coffee. I probably won’t drink it every day because of the added sugar in orange juice. But, occasionally, I think it would be a very nice treat!

#6. Baking soda

This is probably the most surprising in my taste test to reduce the bitterness in my smart coffee. I noticed someone commented in an online forum I follow that they swore by this trick. 

So, I tried it and it worked. I added the smallest amount of baking soda to my smart coffee and I could taste no bitterness. I should add that I tried all these options with smart coffee as a black coffee – nothing else added. 

I tried the baking soda and it didn’t add any flavor, but it did remove the bitterness for me. 

Research on the effects of baking soda on coffee has alluded to the fact that this combination may only help people that have digestive issues. It would be interesting to know if people that experience heartburn after drinking coffee would be able to avoid heartburn by adding baking soda to their coffee. 

#7. Protein Powder/Iced Coffee/Almond Milk

chocolate smoothie

When I first started drinking Elevate Smart Coffee, I would simply add a scoop to my daily protein shake. And I LOVED the flavor. 

Plus, it combined breakfast and my morning cup of coffee, so I was able to save a minute or two of time on my daily morning routine. 

All I did was add a scoop of my favorite vegan chocolate protein, a banana, spinach, frozen fruit like pineapples or blueberries, almond milk, a scoop of my smart coffee, and maybe some chia seeds or flax seeds. This is so good!

I wanted to be sure that I was getting the full effects of the nootropics in smart coffee, so I learned to make iced coffee with almond milk.  All I did was brew my smart coffee, let it sit for a few minutes (or even overnight), add it to ice and add almond milk, blend, and you have a delicious smooth iced coffee. 

Try it both ways and see which one works for you.

#8. Gelatin Capsules

If you just can’t find a way to enjoy smart coffee in a traditional cup of coffee, consider making it into a coffee or caffeine pill. 

All you have to do is purchase empty gelatin capsules on Amazon or at a health food store. Capsules similar to these will work perfectly. You may want to grab a small funnel or spatula to help fill the capsules. 

Then, simply the capsules as a replacement for your morning coffee. This is not to be confused with Xanthomax. As you likely know, Xanthomax completes the perfect duo of DOSE along with smart coffee. You will take Xanthomax approximately 30 minutes prior to drinking the coffee – unless it makes you sleepy, then take Xanthomax before you go to bed. 

This is almost an extreme option for enjoying the benefits of the nootropics in smart coffee. But, if it works for you – then go for it!

#9. Try Nitro

nitro brewIf you just simply absolutely HATE the taste of smart coffee and can’t even imagine taking another sip, then consider switching to Nitro. 

The company has recently released a new Nitro formula and it is smooth. Smoother and more delicious than regular smart coffee. People are stopping their autoship of smart coffee that they’ve had forever and switching to Nitro. 

As you may know with Nitro, you’ll get even more benefits than regular smart coffee. Nitro brew smart coffee will help your body produce more nitric oxide. 

What is Nitro Smart Coffee? 

Nitro Smart Coffee enhances natural nitric oxide production with antioxidant capability. As an instant coffee, Nitro smart coffee uses clinically proven ingredients that help generate efficient blood flow, boost nutrient and oxygen delivery.

This blend of smart coffee naturally improves fatigue levels and performance, and increases energy and endurance levels.

Find out more about Nitro coffee here: https://calmdose.com/what-is-nitro-smart-coffee/

One More Bonus Trick: Try KetoCre Creamer

ketocre“I will NOT go without that creamer, period. Ever.” – Amanda

“Been drinking my coffee for 2 months now and love it, but…Holy Frig!! My coffee was soooo good this morning with the ketocre!!” – Angel

KetoCre is perfect for anyone on the keto diet or if you just want to include healthy fats in your diet. This creamer is a healthy blend of coconut oil, organic grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. 

Plus, it is gluten-free, has no added sugars, and contains amino catalysts that will help create ketones. 

Learn more about KetoCre and purchase here. 

According to Elevate: 

KetōCre is a delicious creamer and a great addition to any weight management program while helping to enhance their daily performance. A delicious Ketogenic creamer designed to support a healthy “Keto” lifestyle! Not only does KetōCre taste amazing, but it helps fuel your ketogenic weight management goals. KetōCre works best when combined with a proper exercise and nutrition regimen.

How To Use: Add just one scoop of this tasty creamer to your favorite hot or cold beverage!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Powder, Organic Grass-Fed Butter Power, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil Powder, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine.

How To Enjoy Elevate Smart Coffee

If you are just getting started on your Elevate smart coffee journey, you are in for a treat! While some people do get that bitter aftertaste, everyone else absolutely loves the flavor. So, it won’t take much for you to enjoy your smart coffee. 

According to the package, to make smart coffee, all you do is add 6-8 ounces of hot water to 1 scoop of the coffee. Be sure to shake the tub before you brew your first cup. Not only will this help you find your scoop, it will help mix up the nootropics so you get the full effects. 

And now is when you can have fun with your coffee – you can simply add sugar and creamer or whatever you normally add to your daily cup of coffee. 

If you need more inspiration on ways to enjoy smart coffee, here are some tips from our customers: 

  • Add Honey
  • Add Sugar and Creamer
  • Add Baileys/Irish Cream
  • Add smart coffee to your regular cup of coffee
  • Add smart coffee to starbucks or any coffee house coffee
  • Add a flavored syrup
  • Add smart coffee to regular hot chocolate
  • Add stevia
  • Add chocolate almond milk
  • Add heavy cream
  • Add evaporated milk
  • Add Premier shake

If you would like to see even more detailed recipes – some from me and some taken from our customer group, click here. Just remember that it may take some time to find the perfect recipe for you. 

Why Does Elevate Smart Coffee Tastes Bitter? 

Coffee is acidic! No matter what coffee you are used to drinking, there has always been acid in your coffee. Whether or not you’ve tasted it is all about your own personal taste buds – and how you ‘fix’ your coffee. 

If you aren’t used to drinking espresso or dark roast, smart coffee will definitely taste more bitter than usual to you. 

Sometimes if coffee is bitter, it’s because of the way the beans were ground and brewed. Since this is a smart coffee, we can’t really use that as an excuse. There are a few things to double check to ensure you have the highest quality tools to use when you brew your coffee: 

  • Make sure the tools you are using are clean. This is especially true if you are using Keurig. You should de-scale it every 3-6 months. If you have previously used your coffee maker on a different coffee, there may still be remains of the old coffee as coffee builds up pretty easily.
  • Use a better water source. If you typically use tap water, try filtered or distilled water. The quality of the water you use for your smart coffee may make a big difference on the overall taste. 
  • Add more water to your smart coffee. We always say to use 6-8 ounces of water to make smart coffee, , but some people prefer 10-12 ounces. 
  • The water may be too hot. Your water for coffee should be hot but not boiling. Try to reduce the heat of the water you’ve been using prior to mixing your coffee. 

Can I Return Smart Coffee if I Don’t Like it?

Yes! That’s one of the details I love most about the company behind smart coffee – Elevacity.  They have an amazing support group and any support issues are responded to quickly. 

Here is the official return policy: 

If a registered Retail Customer is not completely satisfied with the Product(s) they purchased, they may request a refund or exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase by returning the unused portion of the product and a copy of the Retail Sales Receipt to the return address listed below. The refund or exchange amount is based upon the retail price, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping costs. Refunded shipping costs are calculated as the lesser of 5% retail value of the items returned, but no less than the current standard flat shipping rate. A 10% restocking fee may apply.



Smart coffee has amazing side effects including weight management and memory enhancement. It is worth it to find a way to make smart coffee taste better! Try a few of these options and find something that works for you.

Oh – and if you are aware of any other ways to make coffee taste less bitter, please drop me a message!