Elevacity is the company behind Elevate Smart Coffee and Xanthomax. If you are ready to start your own online coffee business, read on to find out how much it costs to join Elevacity and become an Elepreneur.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Elevacity?

The minimum cost to join Elevacity as an Eleprenuer is $49. You’ll receive access to your own personalized back office and replicated website as well as a 6-day sample of DOSE. There are two additional options when you join that includes the number of samples you want to purchase – either the Happier Pack or the Happiest Pack.

The Happier Pack includes 3 Boxes of Elevate NITRO Sticks (60 sticks of Elevate NITRO), 1 Box of ZEST Sticks (20 sticks of ZEST), 30 Blister Two-Packs of Xanthomax (60 capsules of XanthoMax), 3 Ten-Packs of Sample Mailers.

The Happiest Pack includes 6 Boxes of Elevate NITRO Sticks (120 sticks of Elevate NITRO), 3 Boxes of ZEST Sticks (60 sticks of ZEST), 60 Blister Two-Packs of Xanthomax (120 capsules of XanthoMax), 1 Ten-Pack of Sample Mailers (10 ZEST Sample Mailers), 5 Ten-Packs of Sample Mailers (50 Sample Mailers), and One Sample Credit ($4.99 value) sent by EleApp.

What is an Eleprenuer?

When you decide to join Elevacity as a distributor, you are considered an Elepreneur. An Eleprenuer is an entrepreneur who helps others elevate their health, wealth & happiness. By helping elevate others, you naturally elevate your own life.

As an Elepreneur, you are joining a very strong MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) organization. In fact, the company was recently listed as a “Top 100 Solid MLM Companies for 2020” The organization was founded in 2014 in Plano, TX. The organization has gone through some shifts in its top leadership, but this has only proven to strengthen the sales of the direct sales of the organization.

I have been in a couple of different direct sales organizations and this has been the best experience I’ve had so far. You are not required to purchase an inventory ahead of time that you may never sell. All sales go through your website so that makes life so much easier!

The training available is top-notch. The organization will bring in top industry leaders to help train every Eleprenuer. Elevacity promotes curiosity marketing. The goal of curiosity marketing is for your friends to reach out to you. Of course, you can market the products however you like! I have found success in blogging and through YouTube.

Plus, as an Elepreneur, all of your purchases receive a 20% discount off the suggested retail prices.

How to Join Elevacity as an Eleprenuer

If you have a friend or family member that has talked to you about becoming an Eleprenuer, reach out to them and get their personalized website so you can sign up.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become an Eleprenuer but don’t have a friend or family member’s team to join, I would be honored to have you on my team. I’ll add you to our group that offers amazing training, support, and so much more. The website to join my team is available here.

Now, all you have to do is decide which level you would like to get started. The basic level is $49 and you’ll get your personalized website and a 6-day sample of DOSE. If you are ready to jump in at full steam ahead consider the Happier or Happiest option where you’ll receive a bundle of samples.

How to Get Started as an Elepreneur

Now that you’ve decided to become an Eleprenuer, all you have to do is SAMPLE. It’s simple, sample. It’s nice when you join with the Happier or Happiest options so you have samples on hand to give out – or sell.

The products offered by Elevacity are so amazing that once people try the product they will fall in love. While the weight loss benefits are great, the mood-enhancement is amazing. Your potential customers will be able to discover so many benefits from these products.

The great part of being an Elepreneur is that you don’t have to be pushy, people will come to you. We’ll teach you how to create curiosity posts that make people ask questions. These questions help start a conversation that could lead to a new customer or even a new Eleprenuer.

Elevacity’s comp plan has recently been updated so that you are able to make plenty of money selling products OR recruiting. Take a look at the Elepreneur Brochure that lays out how you can make your first $500 – either find 3 new DOSE customers or find 3 new Elepreneurs. It’s an incredible opportunity – one you should really consider joining today!

Elevacity Comp Plan

As with any direct sales organization, you’ll start over every month until you reach a certain level.

Each rank has a minimum monthly requirement of organizational volume and personally sponsored customer purchases with a limit on the amount of volume you can use from any one leg of your organization.

Elevacity Ranks Include the Following:

Black Diamond
Royal Black Diamond
Crown Ambassador
Royal Crown Ambassador
Triple Crown Ambassador

Elevacity Sales Terms to Know:

Sponsor: A new member’s direct upline Elepreneur; the Elepreneur that an individual enrolls under.
Personally Sponsored Individual: An individual (both customers and Elepreneurs) that enrolls directly beneath you and selects you as their Sponsor.

Upline: An individual’s sponsor and all of the Elepreneurs in the genealogy above your sponsor.

Downline: All of the individuals (both customers and Elepreneurs) that you personally sponsor along with all of the individuals below your personally sponsored Elepreneurs.

Level: The position of an Elepreneur or customer within an organization. Individuals directly sponsored by you are on your first level (or Level 1.) Individuals sponsored by your Level 1 Elepreneurs are on your second level (or Level 2) and so on.

Leg: When you sponsor a new Elepreneur, a new leg or line of lineage is created. Each leg encompasses the entire organization of your personally sponsored Elepreneurs.

Commissionable Volume or CV: Each product has a commissionable volume published by the Company. The CV of a product is used to calculate bonuses and rank advancement. Personal Volume or PV: The total monthly CV of your personal orders.

Retail Volume or RV: The total monthly CV of your personally sponsored customers. Downline Volume or DV: The total monthly CV of your personally sponsored Elepreneurs and their entire organizations.

Organization Volume or OV: The total monthly CV of your entire organization including your personal volume, your retail volume, and your downline volume.

Qualified Rank Volume or QRV: The total organization volume you can count towards your Paid as Rank of PAR advancement each month. This resets to zero on the first of each month.

Download the Elepreneur Brochure

Tax Benefits of Becoming an Eleprenuer

You may hear the statistics about how many people that join a direct sales organization don’t make very much money for the first year or so. There are two important items to remember here:

Stick with it longer than 1 year or so, and switch up your marketing if what you are doing isn’t’ working.
The tax implications of being an independent distributor are AMAZING!

Don’t forget to keep receipts of everything. Here are some tips from Tax Slayer for Independent Consultants:

Direct sellers can generally deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses, including:

  • Advertising and marketing – Deduct the cost of business cards, flyers, even a nifty decal on your car.
  • Home office – If your space is exclusively used for business, you can deduct $5 per square foot using the simplified method.
    Business miles and vehicle expenses – The miles you drive delivering product from one customer to another are deductible. Careful, though. You can’t deduct personal travel (even if you have a nifty decal on your car).
  • Startup costs – Starter kits, training, and any fees you pay to become a consultant are deductible up to $5,000. You can choose to deduct or amortize these.
  • Sample inventory – Products that you use for demonstration are deductible. If you sell the samples instead of using them entirely for demonstration, they should be counted as inventory. Reminder: Inventory that you sell cannot be used as a tax deduction. The value of your inventory will be used to decrease your income before calculating taxes.


Be sure to talk to your accountant about how becoming an Elepreneur could benefit your personal tax situation.

If you are interested and have more questions about how to become an Eleprenuer, please let me know.